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  1. Diving into OpenStack development for fun and profit

    When Gregor Pipan from XLAB called me into his office one day last year and told me that he needed someone to work on OpenStack, I had never heard of that name before. But I said yes and here I am a little over a year later: two OpenStack summits ...

  2. Dependency-less REST CPU burner in Go

    Disclaimer: not really REST, but writing HTTP-controlled made the title too long.


    When compiled with CGO_ENABLED=0, this code produces a static binary file that can be uploaded to a server and run. CPU burn can be started by requesting /start_cpu and stopped by requesting /stop_cpu.

    Long version ...

  3. OpenStack development with Vagrant and PyCharm

    Up until now, my OpenStack development setup looked like this:

    • devstack running in a VM,
    • developing using tmux & vim over SSH.

    Since I was hearing good things about PyCharm, I decided to give it a try. The idea of the setup is as follows:

    • devstack running in a VM,
    • developing ...